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Cargo inspection services

Cargo inspection services

Cargo inspection services

Cargo inspection services

What is cargo inspection services / audit and certificate? after fabrication or production of your order is complete, inspectors/ surveyors and experts of will visit your supplier and provide a final cargo inspection / audit and verify  as well as loading supervision. During these cargo inspection / Audit and Verify  phase, order details are appraised/ assessed/ audited/ verified / surveyed / witnessed/ tested/ measured / weighed/ tallied . . .to check the inclusion of goods/check materials/ check specification of  and to check if packing and marking are appropriate.



At the conclusion of an approved cargo inspection services, a cargo inspection certification of will be issued to provide prompt for you to sign off & arrange final payment.

Why you need a cargo inspection services recommends cargo control / audit and verification are to ensure the following conditions:

  • quality cargo inspection is secure and assure appropriately as your requirement and specification;
  • quantity cargo inspection is secure and assure appropriately as P.O during loading into container or ship’s holds;
  • short cargo inspection is to prevent from shortage of quantity / weight / volume as your requirement;
  • packing cargo inspection is secure and appropriate after dispatch from supplier;
  • documents cargo shipment inspection is to ensure documentation is appropriate and acceptable;
  • entire cargo inspection is to prevent any final problems or potential problems.

Our cargo inspectors/ cargo surveyor can check, count and review quality with required specifications and ensure labeling/packing is both accurate and secure and specification can provide inspection / Audit and Verify  certificates if required as per the Letter of Credit.

Reservation details: can send cargo inspectors to the factory of your choice for Cargo inspection / audit and verify  within 48 hours after booking. We guarantee daily feedback and provide a cost effective, high quality cargo inspection / Audit and Verify  service by our team.  Our cargo inspectors will check, count, review quality with required specifications, ensures accurate labeling and secure packing.

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Kind of cargo inspection services cargo surveyors, experts and cargo inspectors are confident to do the cargo inspection for all of goods, cargo, products from Agriculture products, consumer goods, food-stuffing product, handicraft furniture, forest product, sea products, and feed foods to industry equipment, electrical devices, cargo of project . . .


Place of inspection services cargo surveyors, experts and cargo inspectors as well as our good partners are confident to provide the cargo inspection / Audit and Verify  anywhere for cities to countries.

Time of inspection services: surveyors, experts and inspectors do attended immediately at the site to conduct of inspection services for your cargo to protect your right.

Others cargo and goods inspection services cargo surveyors, experts and cargo inspectors also conduct of cargo inspection / audit and verify  for you to protect your right as cargo damage survey services of dispute, estimated damaged and causing of damage at the destination. also cargo loss inspection services of insurance claim as third party cargo experise.


Cargo inspection in details 

In details occurs during critical pre-production, production, final production, loading into containers, vessel, transportation, custody transfer and storage operations, discharging, damage, loss and claim. With a long track record of experience and success, AIM Control has been providing inspection services for many decades. AIM Control is a member of IFIA* and performs goods inspection services to global industry standards and other recognized criteria.

Step 1: AIM Control carried out at the premise/vendor /source suppliers

 Measuring cargo quantity and quality, Commodity cargos inspected and tested:

  • Audit factory services, product audit services, product verification/audit services
  • Initial production inspection services or pre-production inspection services
  • During production inspection services or in progress production inspection services
  • Final inspection services (80% to 100%)
  • 100% full inspection services or pre-shipment inspection services
  • Quantity and quality, Commodity cargos inspected and tested
  • Sampling, Sealing, collecting document of shipment


We also provide the defect product inspection services and following up re-inspection

Step 2: Cargo Loading Supervision Services of AIM Control carried out at departure as the premise/vendor /source, loading port and place of exporters, suppliers

  • Cargo Container loading supervision services
  • Cargo Vessel loading supervision services
  • Tally services
  • Lasing and securing supervision services
  • Suitable container inspection services for transportation
  • Suitable vessel, ship inspection services for transportation
  • Sealing and securing inspection services before departure


Step 3: AIM Control carried out at destination as discharging port, warehouse of consignee, buyers, and import countries

  • Witness Breaking seals, Unlashing, unlock . . .
  • Cargo Container un-stuffing/discharging supervision services
  • Cargo Vessel discharging supervision
  • Tally services
  • Prevention loss/damage supervision services during discharging
  • Out-turn cargo inspection/survey services
  • Cargo Container Damage inspection/survey services
  • Cargo Vessel Damage Survey/inspection services
  • Claim cargo inspection/ survey services
  • Sampling and testing services 

*International Federation of inspection Agencies 




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