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Cargo surveys

Cargo surveys

Cargo surveys

Cargo Surveys

AIM Control offers there are many scope of cargo surveys (cargo inspection) to client under cargo survey actions of cargo surveyors with experience deepest into each cargo surveying and in depth knowledge of its cargo specification.

In buying and selling international trade of cargo, the path of goods is from the manufacturer (local cargo seller, cargo supplier) to the cargo buyer (the consignee, the cargo receiver or the cargo distributor, cargo merchandiser).

Commodities will be through many intermediary parties, from Governments of exporting countries, importers (Customs Office, Ministry of Industry and Commerce), cargo broker, maritime cargo transport (carrier, ship-owner, freighter, shipper), port authorities of cargo export, port of cargo import, inland waterway transport, logistics & forwarders, supply chain & outsourcing, and

A cargo underwriter (insurer) who is responsible to cargo loss/ cargo damaged or shorted on assurance compensation involved when commodity risk occurs.

The cargo surveys company (AIM Control) who is responsible to control on the quality cargo and cargo quantity (weight) to certificate and report for client.


Cargo surveys scope at exporting local:

Cargo survey others related may be done by AIM Control’s cargo surveyors & marine consultant when client’s requirement.


To prevent and reduce cargo goods commodity and products in international trading and business, one of AIM Control’s service is to offer a cargo survey scope at exporting local.

Many the traders and business men, when buying goods, no knowledge about the quality and specification of goods which will be bought as well the packing and shipping method. Through AIM Control's cargo survey scope at exporting locals services will implemented and strictly controlled with consulting in time to customers on the best practices to maintain their safety.

With AIM Control’s cargo survey scope at exporting local, we will support for logistics, forwarders and supply chain outsourcing, shipper as they are unskilled on the matter of goods and how to pack and transport goods in safety.

The proper packing of goods to meet to safety for transportation at sea from the exporting country to the importing country is a concern major of cargo insurance companies and the cargo underwriter companies always need to request AIM Control to provide the cargo survey scope at exporting local services of risk prevention. The shipment assured on good condition after selling insurance for such goods.

Ship-owners, consignors, shipping companies also order the cargo survey scope at exporting local of loading ports provided by us so that cargo can be loaded into containers, onto ship's cargo holds to meet safety of voyage (navigation).

The seller (supplier) books the cargo survey scope at exporting local to prove that their goods are delivered in the exact cargo on quantity (weight) and quality.

Other stakeholders get our cargo survey scope at exporting local services for professional advices and for the protection of their interests.

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Cargo surveys scope at importing local:

  • Cargo survey during arrival.

  • Unloading (discharging cargo) survey. (un-stowage, unlashing, un-securing cargo out of container and ship’s holds).

  • Loss / shortage cargo prevention survey

  • Cargo condition surveys.

  • Cargo draft survey (initial & final for each type of cargo)

  • Cargo tallying & supervising at unloading period.

  • Cargo volume measurement and calculating at unloading period.

  • Witness of breaking sealing and other actions.

  • Container condition survey and cargo holds condition surveys after unloading.

  • Outurm cargo surveys unloading period (or after).

  • Cargo sampling, cargo testing, cargo analysis to identify its specification again.

  • Cargo claim and dispute survey. (damage cargo survey, loss cargo survey and shortage cargo survey etc.)

  • Joint cargo survey (when cargo happen the risks from maritime accident and shipping incident.

Cargo survey others related may be done by AIM Control’s cargo expertise and marine investigators when customer’s requirement.  

AIM Control’s cargo surveyor is Qualification in Cargo Surveys with 30 years’ experience over our actions in independent, accuracy, professional with ceaseless innovation.

With the network of cargo surveyors offices at all countries, of ports, premises, warehouses, AIM Control provides instant cargo inspection services upon request of customers at reasonable prices.


There are a number of reasons to client request goods survey scope at importing local provided by AIM Control at locals of buyer countries for the following:

  • Insufficient import of goods (lack quantity in comparison with Bill of Lading, P.O)

  • Imported goods are not enough weight, volume.

  • Imported goods are not of good quality.

  • Imported goods do not meet import standards.

  • Imported goods are broken, punctured, damaged, loss, missing. . .

  • Imported goods needing to customs clearance (status, conditions, synchrony, name, style, quality, specifications, ...).

  • Imported goods have a dispute between the buyer and the seller.

  • Imported goods have a dispute between the buyer and the insurance company.

  • Imported goods have a dispute between the buyer and the shipping carrier.

  • Disputed goods between the cargo insurance company and the shipping carrier (ship-owner insurance association as P&I).

  • Goods temporarily imported for re-export

  • Goods only transit

  • And many other reasons that customers require AIM Control to provide inspection services for imported goods.


Our goods surveyors will help our clients, such as logistics, forwarders and supply chain outsourcing, protect their interests and release their goods the fastest.

The concern major of insurance companies who are responsible to compensate for the loss of imported goods to the person who has bought insurance for the shipment. So insurance companies completely trust AIM Control’s goods survey because of the accuracy of the loss assessment, the cause of the loss (damage), the assessment and the calculation of the loss.

Ship-owners (shipping companies) also need the importing goods inspection services  provided by AIM Control to determine the cause of the loss of goods and the extent of the loss of cargo for the purposes of ship, irresponsible compensation. (such as diligence, negligence)

Sellers need AIM Control’s goods inspection to prove that their goods delivered to buyer as the original quality of the goods and intact (having a damaged by a third party during the transportation that is not due their responsibility).

In addition, other stakeholders need to our import goods inspection to have  professional advices and for the protection of their interests.

AIM Control will carry out the exported cargo surveys and the imported goods surveys all of the issues mentioned above to our customers with the motto:


To protect your cargo, please feel free to contact with us for getting the cargo surveyor and experts.

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