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Weight control and inspection

Weight control and inspection

Weight control and inspection

Weight control and inspection

The weight control and inspection of the shipment is the weighing, measuring, counting and calculating of Gross-weight, Net-weight vs Tare-weight in the shipment to be ensured the actual goods delivered or received in accuracy with document of shipping.

AIM Control’s surveyors, inspectors are who conduct the weight control and quantity survey for cargo of shipment at site of loading or discharging.

AIM Control’s tally-men and supervisors also perform the tally of quantity on each shipment (counting) carton to carton, bag to bag, box to box on the package.

In AIM weight control and inspection, on degree of moisture of goods also measured, sizes of shipment (goods, packages, label, shipping marks. . .) checked, temperature record (thermometer) and ventilation inspected.


In prevention of commercial frauds and theft of goods, we are always present at the time of delivery or receipt of goods (24/24) to strictly control process and inspect equipment of instrumentation, scale, supervise on personnel’s actions and vehicle, containers, vessel/ship’s holds, cranes until finishing.

Weight control and inspection of goods for shipping

Cargo in bulk

Weight control and supervision of goods is carried out by Bridge scale on shore when the truck and cargo (as cargo in bag, cargo in bulk, cargo in container, cargo in volume . . .)

  • Tare-weight of truck, its accessories vs empty container weighed on Bridge scale.

  • Gross-weight of goods, truck, its accessories vs empty container weighed on Bridge scale.

  • Net-Weight of cargo is calculated on based on the above result figures and the nature of goods.

Draft survey is also weight control for cargo in bulk (or in bags)



Cargo in package

Volume of cargo packages are measured length x width x height dimension of all packages (if cargo in pallet, cargo in flat rack, cargo in container, cargo in volume, in package. . .) after calculating of CBM.


Cargo in bag

Net-weight of cargo in bag will be calculated after weighing of the tare-weight vs gross-weight.


Cargo in liquid (or gas)

When cargo in liquid and its packed in liquid tank, motor tanker & drum.

  • The height of liquid level is measured, sound and calculated volume of cargo in liquid the temperature, pressure, specific gravity vs hydrostatic table and data.

  • Calculating of Floating Roof Corr., Other (line & Slops), Gross OBSD. Vol., Temperature – Deg.C, Specific Gravity @15 deg.C, V.C.F (T- 54), Liters@15 deg.C, W.C.F (T-56), KG/liter, Metric Tons. (Based on ASTM)

  • Also Collecting and Report on Summary Report On Quantity, Certificate of Quantity,  (in the ship’s tanks), Certificate of Quality (in the shore’s tanks), Quality Report, Quantity of Shore Tank Report, Vessel Ullage Report, Slopping Report, Loading / Discharge summary, Vessel Ullage Report (be calculated onboard), Time sheet, Pressure record, Sample, Apparent Discrepancy Notice / Letter of Protest, Recommendation letter, Sampling record, Slops report (onboard).


Weight control and inspection for claim of loss / damage

When cargo are loss of weight (or quantity), damage of contamination, mixing of impurities (foreign matter) moisture as well nature of the goods . . .said non-goods, AIM surveyors are not only experience to control it via the testing, analysis, eliminate & calculating on non-goods weight but also investigate the roots of damage/loss caused, estimation of value decrease and salvage.


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