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Marine Cargo survey and Consultancy

Marine Cargo survey and Consultancy

Marine Cargo survey and Consultancy

Marine Cargo survey and Consultancy

Marine Cargo survey and consultancy of AIM Control (AIM Group®) are  a leader in providing Marine surveys & cargo inspection, consultancy services taken by by AIM'S marine independent surveyors, marine inspectors, superintendent, witness experts, consultant, marine warranty surveyors . . .(Capt., Master, C/O, C/E, Experts and other over 40 experience years in Maritime and Shipping).

Both purposes of marine cargo surveying and consulting:

  1. are ensure safety in maritime and limit incidents arising

  2. are to prevent risks and settling disputes in case of marine accidents.

Maritime_Cargo_surveyor_and_Consultant - AIM

AIM Control (AIM Group®)  marine cargo survey and consultancy are completely flexible and a Ship-owners, P&I Clubs, Underwriters, Logistics, Ports, Charterers, Managers, Technical Operators,  Shippers & Consignee, Sellers & Buyers, Shipping Client, of course, choose to use all or only part of these . AIM Control's Marine Integrated Expert Team can consist of Captain, Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Port State Control Inspectors, Port Wardens, Tackle Inspectors, Naval Architects, Investigators, Attorney, Hull/Coatings/Outfitting Inspectors, Marine Supervisors, Mechanical, Electrical, and Marine Safety and Security Inspectors, Cargo Surveyors and Experts, Adjusters, Claimer who carrying out the marine cargo survey and consultancy. All are selected by us to provide the highest degree of expertise and service for each project and job as per the Client's requirements. Email, Cell-phone for urgent: +84903615612

There are various scopes of marine cargo surveys and consultancy services offered by AIM to all kinds of vessels and cargoes:

  • A new building of vessel & Seal trail

  • Technical and seaworthiness

  • Navigating and classification

  • Managing and operating

  • Superintendent and safety

  • Drying and underwater

  • Chartering and bunkering

  • Lashing & securing

  • Weight & quantity

  • Cargo Condition & packing

  • Handling and stowage

  • Loading & Discharging

  • Lashing and sea fastening

  • Loss and Outturn

  • Incident and claim

  • P&I and Insurance (underwriting)

  • Towing and Approval

  • Vessel condition and Pre-purchasing

  • Docking and repairing

  • Agent and authority

  • Logistics and forwarding

  • Shipping and transiting

  • Types of goods and vessel

  • Others


Marine Survey – Liability

Marine Survey – Vessel

Marine Owner surveyor– Hull & Machinery

  • Condition surveys
  • Damage surveys
  • Ship repair surveys
  • Others marine warranty surveyors for all of ports


Cargo Survey – Commodity Inspection

Marine Control Analysis – Risk Prevention

  • Risk analysis and investigation
  • Warehouse/ terminal inspections
  • Heavy lifts
  • Project cargo
  • Others


Whatever your needs, our Marine cargo survey and consultancy Integrated Systems can find offer you a solution that is right for you!

  • Ship Owner representation for specific marine cargo survey.
  • Project & Oversize marine cargo survey and superintendence.
  • Vessel Chatterers interest marine cargo survey.
  • Ship Owner’s Marine Insurance coverage surveys.
  • P&I Club Correspondents.
  • Cargo Insurer’s representation surveys.
  • Ship & Cargo pre shipment verification.
  • Cargo and project pre load securing surveys.
  • Marine Insurance assessors & surveyors.
  • Marine and ship Chartered Engineers.

AIM Control (AIM Group®)  Marine Surveyors and Consultant Team Group’s are a marine cargo survey expertise. All grew up “loving life on the water”. All are currently Navigation licensed and experienced Captains, C/O, M/E so they know first hand the “pleasure” of well appointed of Client. They all further honed their skills working as marine surveyors, consultants, refit managers and new build consultants.


Working together, each partner has earned the respect of the other surveyors and they continually share the knowledge they have acquired during their combined 100+ years of professional experience on a variety of vessels. Aim Control's Marine Surveyors and Experts, not only shares their knowledge with each other, but they each thoroughly explain in detail every aspect of their work to clients before, during and after a surveying

Main activities of Marine Cargo survey and Consultancy

Pre-Purchase Condition Surveys

A pre-purchase survey is a thorough inspection of the marine vessel’s structural and watertight integrity, system’s installations, and operating condition, as well as performance. A comprehensive report is issued which includes an equipment list, specifications and detailed list of deficiencies and recommendations. Replacement and market values [in US dollars] are assigned to the vessel. Most lending institutions and insurance companies require a pre-purchase survey.

New Ship Construction Consultation and Surveys

New ship construction surveys and supervision are conducted on a progressive inspection schedule throughout the ships construction. Inspection includes observations of the structural integrity of the hull and machineries, superstructure, installation of systems, and cosmetic fit and finish of the vessel upon completion at shipyard in Vietnam and Global.


Marine Ship Evaluation Surveys and Appraisal

Insurance ship evaluation and appraisal are conducted to determine marine risk and value of a vessel, and are often used for re-insurance of vessel.

Financial Marine Vessel Evaluation Surveys

An inspection to determine the marine vessel’s value is conducted primarily for refinancing, estate settlement, and divorce asset value.

Customs Surveys

Customs surveys are conducted on foreign registered ships that are being imported into the Vietnam or others in order to determine value for duty [tax] assessment, synchronization.

Ship's damage surveys

Ship's damage surveys and inspections determine the scope of damage and aid in the formulation of a repair plan. Progressive inspections of the repair work are often requested, along with a final inspection of completed repair work.

Marine_cargo_investigation_and_consultancy_in_accident - AIM Control

Ship maintenance Inspections

A list of maintenance recommendations of ship is compiled in order to prioritize maintenance items. This is often conducted prior to the marine vessel’s scheduled shipyard service.

Audio Gauge Marine Survey

Audio gauge testing is conducted to determine deterioration or “wastage” in aluminum and steel shell plating of ship, structure/members and tankage.

Moisture Testing

A non-destructive moisture meter determines moisture content in fiberglass lamination and wood. A moisture inspection is necessary prior to final lay-up after a blister repair.

Ship and marine cargo insurance claim Consultation

Ship and marine cargo insurance claim consultations and adjusting are conducted to verify the scope of damage and settlement issued by an insurance adjuster

Inspection of Ship Repair Work of Ships

Inspections of Ship repair work are conducted to attest to the integrity level and cosmetic quality of shipyard and/or sub-contractor repair work.

Marine_Vessel_Ship_Collision_Survey_Consultant_AIM Control

Hull Bottom Inspection and Main Engine Survey

Hull bottom inspections are conducted to ascertain the integrity of the hull, Identify any damage due to groundings, galvanic action, and normal wear or contact with submerged objects, and check for proper alignment of the running gear, H&M survey.


 AIM Control (AIM Group®) Marine Surveyor Group provides consultation  in all aspects of vessel building, vessel operation and vessel repair.

Marine Casualty Investigations

Marine casualty investigations are conducted worldwide to determine the cause or circumstances leading up to a marine casualty including sinking, grounding, collision and fraud.

Marine warranty survey and approval of certificaiton

The marine new voyage, tow-in-line in fleet at sea are carried out by AIM marine warranty surveyors and team of expert in towing, securing and lashing before in safety before approving of certificates.  

Towage_Approval_Survey-Marine-warranty-surveyor-and-approval  - AIMControl

Pre-loading survey/ inspection

Pre – loading survey is the actions to control the ship’s hold's cleanness, free-smell and hatch cover's watertight before loading and the vessel's condition is suitable for voyage at sea.

Cargo Tally of quantity

What can be done Quantity tally of loaded cargo by us? Unloaded goods and loading cargo tally are to reckon quantity bag by bag, carton by carton, unit by unit during loading, unloading or delivery and receipt to transport in shipping line or by land. (as vessel, ship, container).

Maritime_Cargo_surveyor_and_Consultant - SURVEY_SUPERVISION_TALLY_FOR_STEEL_CARGO

Loading supervision and discharging survey

What can be done Loading supervision by us in marine cargo survey ? Loading survey and supervision are visual quality inspection, packing & marking inspections, random weight checks, and some specification of goods measurement as sizes, moisture, quantity tally of cargo loaded into ship’s holds upon delivery / receipt at port or harbor and anchoring.

Our discharging survey is also to confirm the figure of cargo received by consignee and outturn of cargo as well as the estimate the extent of damage and loss of cargo.

We have an independent inspectors, marine surveyors and consultant experts providing the maritime survey and consultancy as well cargo & ship inspections to issue report and certification based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Singapore & Asia, Italy, Germany, U.K Russia & Europe, the Middle East, Brazil, Chile, Argentina & ect., Anywhere of Countries to protect your orders in good condition.

AIM Control’s Marine cargo survey and consultancy services

  • Professional Reports Delivered within 48 hours of Survey Completion
  • Highly experienced surveyors and marine engineers
  • Full professional indemnity insurance
  • International Maritime Qualified surveyor
  • Tailored to suit your requirements
  • Competitive quotes for an inclusive service

Provided in the Vietnam, China, Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, UEA, Greek, Saudi Arabica, Asia, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Europe and Brazil, Chile, US, Canada & Global!

In Marine field, our marine surveys and cargo inspection are carrying out on


AIM Other Marine Cargo Survey and Consultancy in Shipping

  • Marine Surveys:
  • Marine vessel inspection and survey
  • Marine cargo survey surveyors
  • Cargo Tank Inspection
  • Draft Survey/Inspection
  • Issues of Ullage & Weight survey/inspection
  • Cargo Contamination Investigations
  • Loading / Discharge Pumping Inspection/Survey
  • Tank Calibration Calculation & Issues
  • Approval & Issues of Quality & Weight Certificates
  • Bunker Survey/Inspection
  • Crude oil vessels Survey/Inspection
  • Consumer Goods Survey/Inspection
  • Hull & Machinery damages inspection/Survey
  • Supervision, Survey of repairs
  • Paint & Coatings, Corrosion inspection, Survey
  • On-hire survey, Off-hire survey & Full condition survey
  • P&I Survey/Inspection
  • Dry-docking Survey/Inspection
  • Superintendents
  • Ship Register Survey/Inspection
  • Malta Flag Inspection/ Survey
  • Marine consultants
  • Projects of new shipbuilding supervision and witness
  • Free gas Inspection
  • Damage And / Or Loss cargo survey
  • Loading supervision
  • Damage survey services finding causing by collision, and extent of damage/loss
  • Approval of towage & stowage, lashing survey/Inspection
  • Seaworthiness condition Survey/Inspection
  • On-hire survey for containers
  • Investigation of causes of pollution
  • Reports to damage extent of damage or loss
  • Study to transport feasibility
  • Superintendence to handling & stowage
  • Bulk cargo weight Survey/Inspection
  • Weight, Packing inspection and supervision
  • Quantity tally
  • Out-turn cargo survey

 The videos taken at the site of AIM Control Pre-purchase ship / vessel condition survey / inspection:

marine_ship_condition_survey_Pre-purchase-ship - AIM Control

The marine cargo surveyed and consulted videos taken at the site of inspection, survey and supervision during AIM Control surveyors and inspectors conducted the marine cargo survey on Loading / unloading / Lashing / Securing for Super Project Cargo in over-weight and over-sizes


Marine fuel and oil surveying for bunkering, remaining on board and for on-hire or off-hire 


AIM Control's UWHC & Diving works

AIM Control's tally control and surveyors

AIM Control's damage and loss marine cargo surveys and consults


The above mentioned AIM Control's main marine cargo survey and consultancy inspection services:

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